Introducing Celeste Buckingham to Czech listeners would be like bringing the proverbial owl to Athens, because it would be difficult to find anyone who has not heard in recent years of this exceptional talent from neighboring Slovakia. Celeste first drew attention to herself when she was only fifteen (in 2011), when she made it to the finals of the second series of the Czech SuperStar talent competition. In the same year, she released her first single, Blue Guitar, which became the 7th-most played piece on Slovak radio, a second single Nobody Knows (4th place in SK TOP 50), and she was a guest on the album Nový člověk by Majk Spirit on the song Já a Ty, which also made it to 4th place in the SK TOP 50. In 2012, she released her debut album Do not Look Back, with the song Run, Run, Run, which “finally” catapulted her to the very top of the radio charts. After her conquest of the Czech and Slovak radio ether, Celeste’s second album Where I Belong (2013) made a run for the international charts, and the single Crushin’ My Fairytale got into one of the world’s most prestigious charts – the ranking of the US magazine Billboard.