MACKLEMORE Saturday, 30.6.

MACKLEMORE is the stage name for 34-year-old American Ben Haggerty, four time Grammy-Award winning and multi-platinum selling artist! He grew up in a loving home and earned a bachelor’s degree, rather than growing up in a family of alcoholics, on the streets or in the ghetto as many rappers do, but he still struggled with drugs and alcohol addiction in adulthood. He has conquered both demons, though, and the track Drug Dealer – which looks back at his days of addiction – made him a phenomenon. Macklemore fell in love with hip-hop (Digital Underground, to be precise) at 6, and began writing his own lyrics at 15. He made his solo debut with The Language of My World (2005), followed up by working with producer Ryan Lewis in 2009, releasing The Heist in 2012. The album became a worldwide hit and won four Grammy awards, particularly thanks to single Thrift Shop, which hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 immediately after its release, selling over 1.3 million copies. Four years later the winning duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis released a second studio album, called This Unruly Mess I’ve Made, featuring platinum single Downtown. In late September this year Macklemore released a second solo album, called Gemini, preceded by singles Glorious (94 million views on YouTube) and Marmalade (105 million views on YouTube). The third video Good Old Days, featuring Kesha, has 22 million views so far from Macklemore’s fans – 5 million fans on YouTube alone. He is one of two rappers to have singles hit diamond status. The other, of course, is Eminem.