Thursday 28.6.

She started her career just three years ago and her discography contains one single album. Yet now she has achieved more than a number of musical matadors have done. She holds 17 awards and 27 nominations in the most prestigious awards including Billboard Music Awards, MTV and UK Video Awards or European Border Breakers. She has worked with the Australian rapper and singer Iggy Azale on the song “Beg For It,” which ranked at the 27th place on the Billboard Hot 100 and a year later with DJ Snak and Major Lazer on the song “Lean On”, a hit in the Great Britain, United States and in Australia. The Danish singer and lyricist MØ is one of the greatest and most interesting discoveries of five past years. Although the music critics designate her style as indie pop combined with electronics, this general classification is pretty narrow. As a little girl MØ listened to Spice Girls but as the teenager she was addicted to the grunge, especially to Nirvana, through which she got to Sonic Youth and her greatest model – their bass guitarist and singer Kim Gordon. “Kim Gordon really inspired me. Careless, talented, serene, sexy and so androgynous. She has done so many great things. Thanks to her, I managed to get through the difficult teenage years. The best model I could ever choose,” said MØ regarding Kim Gordon. MØ does not hide her grunge and punk past above all in concerts, where she alternates the wild moves on the podium with jumps to the audience.