NINE INCH NAILSSaturday, 30.6.

If you say Nine Inch Nails, every music fan will immediately add the equator and then Trent Reznor. The founding member and the creative brain of this most popular industrial band of all time, the composer, instrumentalist, singer and producer, who is designated as one of the most influential musicians of the 20th and 21st centuries. His model, David Bowie, likened Trent Reznor’s artistic importance to the band The Velvet Underground, and Dave Grohl perceives him as one of the most genial of people he has ever met, and thus the enumeration of compliments that have ever been paid on Reznor’s address could continue to infinity. He was probably described to the best by the legendary producer Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Kiss, Peter Gabriel) who described Reznor as a “true visionary” and recommended to novice artists to be inspired by his uncompromising attitude to the artistic creation. Nine Inch Nails have sold over 20 million copies of their eight studio albums and three mini albums, they were nominated for thirteen Grammy awards, two of which have been turned into their victory, twice they won the Kerrang! Award, nine times they were nominated for the MTV Awards and repeatedly aspired to join world rock and roll hall of fame. By the end of the year, they should release the final (yet unnamed) part of the EP trilogy, which still consists of the songs Not The Actual Events and Add Violence. They will play in front of the Czech audience for the fifth time in the next year, for the last time they visited us three years ago.