PARKWAY DRIVE Thursday 28.6.

“In the Prague´s Forum Karlín the pyro effects exploded, the fires burned, the drums rotated by 360°, and from the speakers the energy rolled out able to blast the ten-story panel prefab house.” Thus, the magazine Fakker evaluated the Prague’s Parkway Drive show in March that fully corresponded with its explosive charge with the uncompromising charge of their last album Ire. “This album is upset, really pretty upset. We are not the type of band that pretends that all is great. Unpleasant facts need to be published and we are not afraid of it,” noted Winston McCall, the frontman of the band, regarding the album. Parkway Drive, since its origin in 2003, documented their career in five studio album, one mini-album, two DVDs, and a book that maps the decade of their existence. All of their last four albums have scored in the top ten of the ARIA chart, including the above-mentioned song “Ire” that even climbed to the first place.