Tommy Cash Thursday, 28.6.

Eccentric, unpredictable, exciting; these are common attributes used to describe a show by the Estonian rapper, dancer, and conceptual artist, Tommy Cash. Tommy grew up in wretched social conditions in a Tallinn suburb of Kopli, which he compares to the ghetto: “Everything is so cramped – small wooden houses that are slowly rotting and decaying, and streets full of a noxious smell. I swear I can see some dude from one kilometer away and be able to tell you exactly what he is on.” Cash stayed in school until around the age of fifteen. At that time he discovered marijuana, graffiti, painting and dancing, and his schooling was placed on the back burner. He is still devoted to his passions of art and dancing, and he successfully uses both of those in his bizarre music videos and live performances in which he combines hip hop with unprecedented dance creations. Although he has made only one official album entitled “Euroz Dollaz Yeniz” 2014, he has released next to a dozen singles. He has gained media attention from Highsnobiety, Maxim or NME, his music videos have millions views, and his shows are usually sold out due to his unconventional approach to his art.