UNDERØATH Thursday, 28.6.

Metalcore, hardcore, post-hardcore, emo, screamo … The genre classifications always were narrow to the American band Underoath and just its stylish variety and musical multi-layered character make it one of the most unique “hardcore” bands. The band identified itself with a single label – a Christian formation, to which its singer Spencer Chamberlain added: “We are not a standard Christian band. Christianity is the backbone and the basic pillar of our lives. Especially in how we approach certain issues. But it is not the main line of our texts. It’s not like our every song was a lesson from the Bible or something like that.” His words are confirmed by the enormous popularity of Underoath among other religions’ confessors or atheists. For the overwhelming majority of Underoath songs over 100,000 copies were sold in just one week, they repeatedly ranked in Billboard’s hit chart and were awarded with gold albums.